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The Theory Test


There are lots of apps for your phone or tablet and they are a great way of having constant access to the correct learning materials for the theory test. I would highly recommend the most up to date DVSA official app. You can study both the muliple choice element as well as the hazard perception, click to download. You can also go online through the DVSA webpage, they have some mock tests you can try!


The Highway Code is essential reading for any driver, you could get yourself a physical copy although you will also find this within the app. Many of the rules and codes within this book are legal requirements and disobeying these rules could lead to disqualification so get studying and learn the highway code!

The Practical Test

The practical test is the driving element that you will be tested on, this is to ensure you are a  confident safe driver. We will be able to tell you when you're ready for the test and it all comes down to nerves on the day and how well you can remember all of the things we've learned in lessons. 

You need to apply through the official DVSA website, you will also need to bring some official documents such as your theory test certificate and your driving licence. Find out more information here


To book your test click here

Please watch the official DVSA videos as a guide

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