Frequently asked questions

How long will it take me to pass my test?

That all depends on the individual and how quickly they pick it up as well as how hard they work. Younger students often pick it up quicker, as your brain is more receptive to learning new skills.

What is the average amount of lessons people have?

the DSA advised 40 hourspractise in your own car. I personally feel that this is a little high, bit agani it all depends on the individual and how quickly they learn the skills needed for passing

How often should I have my driving lessons?

I personally feel pupils taking 2hr lessons tend to get more from them. This enables you to get more practice around the test centre area and branch out a little more.

What is the best material for studying the theory?

A every person has preferred learning preferences, I recommend the DVLA app as the best, but if you prefer learning from the books, then again, I would recommend the DVLA ones, as these are official and always up to date.

If I pass my test will I be able to drive straight away?

yes you can, however the examiner will advise that your new licence will take roughly 20 working days to come through.

is it true they can only pass so many people a day?


Which test centre should I book my test with?

all test centres will have routes incorporating different driving challenges and conditions. Here at Wythall driving school we like to take pride in our tuition, and will have you safe and ready for the road ahead, instead of just teaching you set routes for one centre.

What type of car will I be learning in?

A a brand new Citroen DS3, our cars are never more then 2 years old and always maintained to the highest standard.